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About this site

Greetings and thank you for visiting my website! This will just be a very quick explanation of the site and my motivations for making it. My name is Keith Milford, and quite simply, I made this site to celebrate and pay tribute to Sir Graves Ghastly (as portrayed by Lawson J. Deming), who was a beloved fixture on Detroit TV for many years from the '60s through the early '80s. As a kid I LOVED Sir Graves Ghastly and watched his Saturday afternoon monster show nearly every week for most of my childhood. I was pretty much obsessed with it, actually (and still am!). If you're here I'll assume, for the moment, that you know who Sir Graves was, but if you're not familiar with him or his show, the History page will be up soon, explaining everything you'll need to know to get up to speed. Stay tuned! And please drop me a line if you're having any technical difficulties with the site--I'll try to help if I can.

So basically, I love Sir Graves Ghastly and miss him and the show so much, that I want to rekindle those dusty childhood memories again and share my love of the show with the world--or the few people who may stumble across my humble slice of the Web here--and hopefully, rekindle those same memories in others who also grew up in metro Detroit around the same time, and who also loved Sir Graves.

I hope you enjoy my site, have fun here, and visit often, as lots of additions and changes are on the way. Don't forget to sign the Ghastly Guestbook (link is on the menu to the left) and share some memories of your own, and above all PLEASE e-mail me if you happen to have any old Sir Graves show recordings sitting in the attic or basement (video or audio!), no matter how short or how little it may be, as well as any memorablia (photos, newspaper clippings, postcards, etc) you may have. With your help I can make this site grow and grow! I, myself, unfortunately, have very little Sir Graves footage/memorabilia, and have had a heck of a time locating any. If you have anything at all you'd be kind enough to share or donate to the site, I welcome with open arms your e-mail. :) Please write me and we'll work something out. needs your help to find and keep these memories alive forever! Thanks! Contact me at:




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