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Media Crypt: Downloads


This page will contain various fun things to download and use on your computer! Sound bites, desktop wallpapers, screensavers, etc. Whatever I come up with whilst dabbling in the old graveyard with Sir Graves, will end up right here. This page is new so there isn't much here yet, but sit tight, dear hearts, and I'll have lots up soon! Note: To save files, right-click the links and choose "Save Target As...".

Sound Bites

  • The Sir Graves Ghastly Laugh (114KB)
    Fans have requested it, the web is totally devoid of it (till now), so here it is! Now you can finally download that famous Sir Graves trademark laugh and enjoy it anytime you want on your own computer! This wav file makes a great startup sound for your PC or Mac, too.
  • Baron Bugeloff (55KB)
    "You vill vatch ze movie und you vill enjoy it!"
  • Cool Ghoul (43KB)
    Sounding very much like Peter Lorre, Cool Ghoul snickers with delight.


  • Coming soon!

Desktop Wallpapers

  • Coming soon!



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