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Ghastly Links


In no particular order--newest additions on top...

ScOttRa - Monster Art & More
Gorgeous monster art by artist, Robert Allan Scott, here at his blog!

Marlow Heights 60s and 70s
Wonderful site by Chuck Fraley, devoted to all-things-retro from the Marlow Heights, Maryland area in the '60s and '70s. He covers it all! If you watched Sir Graves on WTOP-TV Channel 9, in the early '70s in the Washington DC viewing area, be sure and check out Chuck's fun site for even more great memories from your neck of the vintage woods.

Horror hosts go hi-tech! A new and very cool weekly online series, complete with puppet hosts (a really neat idea) hosting all the great horror films we know and love! It's a fun mix of the old and the new, in what I believe may soon be just about the last place a modern-day horror host can truly flourish--on the Web. Check out FRIGHTMARES: THE SERIES today!
Detroit's classic Main Maniac, The Ghoul! Visit his wacky website for some heavy-duty brain damage!
The best Ghoul fan site out there, in my opinion.

Morgus Presents! Online
Even before Sir Graves, there was Morgus, The Magnificent on WJBK-TV2. The one, the only!

Count Gore De Vol
A friend of, please check out Count Gore's "Creature Feature" webzine (you'll want to bookmark it!), and visit it weekly. Good stuff!

The Vintage Detroit TV & Movie Board
Your humble Gravemaster's message board devoted to classic Detroit television and movie theaters. Please stop by!

The Astounding B-Monster
One of the best (and slickest) monster movie webzines!

Creepy Clyde
My buddy Clyde's site. A real Michigan talent, Clyde is available for wicked voiceover work, among other things. And check out his CD (info is on his site) for some fun, creepy monster-themed music!

Monster Kid Magazine
My new favorite online monster movie mag! Just awesome.

Scary Monsters Magazine
For my money, the best newsstand monster mag available! Heavily devoted to horror hosts, too! Subscribe to this one, dear hearts!

The Gallery of Monster Toys
Title says it all. If you grew up with monster toys (especially in the '60s or '70s), you will love this website!

Monsters from the Vault
Fun classic horror site--and they put out some great books and products!
The best classic TV site on the web, bar-none! This is the place to go. And Billy Ingram (the site's founder and curator) treated very nicely as well. Good people, good website!

The Official Bela Lugosi Website
The original Dracula seemed to pop-up on Sir Graves' show every other week! You couldn't help but be a fan of both the film, and Bela Lugosi. This movie really epitomizes the whole vibe of Sir Graves Presents!

Boris Karloff
The official Boris Karloff website.

Christopher Lee
The Official Christopher Lee Web!

Claude Rains
"The Sublime Claude Rains" site.

Lon Chaney
The official website of Lon Chaney (Sr. and Jr.)

Peter Cushing
The Peter Cushing Association and Museum

Universal Horror
'Universal Steve" is a site devoted to all the great Universal Studios monster movies that were probably the biggest Sir Graves favorites.

Barry's Temple of Godzilla site celebrates our favorite Saturday afternoon giant fire-breathing lizard!

More to come!


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