Good evening group and Happy October! And just in time for Halloween I've added some new Washington TV (WTOP) audio recordings to the Audio page archive! This latest reel-to-reel collection comes from the kind donation of fellow Graves fan, Richard Webb, and covers mostly 1970 Sir Graves broadcasts, including Sir Graves' 1970 Washington Halloween show! So it's time once again to dim the lights, cuddle up in your favorite spot by the 'puter, and enjoy some all-new vintage Sir Graves Ghastly recordings!

Oh, and getting in the Halloween spirit this year, I updated the front page some days ago with some frightfully festive doings--Sir Graves style! :)

Finally, just to note that as we sadly mark our first Halloween without Lawson Deming, let us all keep in mind that Sir Graves Ghastly, our friendly neighborhood vampire host, hasn't gone anywhere! He's still alive (or not) and well right here at SirGravesGhastly.com, bidding all you boys and ghouls very Happy "Halloween" Haunting's once again this year! Neeeyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I've set up a virtual memorial place online, humble though it is, where we fans (and certainly family if they wish to) can each go to light a virtual candle in Lawson's (and Sir Graves') memory and share a short message (if you choose to). Please click here to light your candle for Lawson and Sir Graves. Each candle stays lit for 48 hours but can be re-lit later. Feel free to share this link with others (there's a handy "e-mail this candle to a friend" option at the site).
I felt like we Sir Graves Ghastly fans needed our own place where we could go to do a little something special for Lawson. Made me feel a little better. Hope it does you.

Site note: I've temporarily disabled the background wind sounds on the Audio and Video clip pages, as they were interfering with said clips for some people. For the record, they don't for me. Soon I plan to overhaul a lot of things like that here and make it all easier to enjoy and much more cross-browser compatible.

I updated the funeral information here today
--it will be held on Monday (not Sunday), April 30th. And I've been informed that while Lawson's family prefers only family members and close friends at the funeral, they are aware of, and appreciate, all the thoughts and prayers of the fans.

On a personal note, the heartfelt outpouring from fans everywhere, both here in the Ghastly Guestbook (especially!), as well as via many e-mails, has been amazing, comforting (as a fan myself), and incredibly touching. Gang, you're all doing Sir Graves Ghastly's memory very proud, in my humble opinion, and I sincerely thank you for it. Everyone. Lawson Deming's great talent and enduring impact on those who grew up with him, could truly have no better, more fitting tribute than the messages I'm seeing here and in my e-mail the past few days.

Speaking of e-mail, THANK YOU all for the kind messages you've taken the time to send! I appreciate each and every one and will respond to any questions not answered here on the site, just as soon as I can. Please bear with me and forgive any delays. I'll try to catch up on all of it soon. Just wanted you to know that I am reading them and I do appreciate them very much. :)

A note regarding the Guestbook: The company I'm hosting this website with imposes a text limit on all Guestbook entires (just one of the reasons I'm switching hosts soon), so I've noticed several great messages getting cut off in mid-sentence. I hate this and apologize for the limitation! Please be aware of it, though, if posting long messages, and by all means, if a message you've already written got cut off, feel free to post (or e-mail me) a follow-up "part 2" note to finish your thoughts and stories. I can always join the pieces later. :)

Finally, complete links to all related online articles, tributes, obituaries, etc., of late, will be posted here at the site soon, so you can find them quickly and easily.

Gotta run, but more later...

R.I.P. Lawson Deming

This is a day I've been dreading for a long time. As I first reported last evening on my Vintage Detroit TV & Movie Board, Lawson Deming, our beloved Sir Graves Ghastly, passed away Tuesday night, April 24th, just one day after his 94th birthday. I was awaiting forthcoming details from his family before updating this site. His granddaughter, Lisa, has informed me that Lawson had pneumonia recently and hadn't been responding to antibiotics. He died of congestive heart failure Tuesday, in Cleveland. I sincerely thank the Deming family for communicating with me during this difficult time.

Update: Funeral services will be held Monday, April 30th, at the Zeis McGreevey Funeral Home, 16105 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. In lieu of flowers, the Deming family requests that friends and fans please consider making a monetary contribution to the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The Deming family prefers only family members and close friends at the funeral on Monday, though they appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from his fans. As devoted fans, let us all respect their wishes and give them the privacy they deserve during this difficult time.

Lawson Deming was one of Detroit TV's true class acts--both on and off the air. For many metro Detroit kids growing up in the '60s, '70s, and early '80s, Sir Graves Ghastly was like a member of the family. Like fans everywhere, I am very saddened to hear of Lawson's death, but at the same time, so very thankful for all the magical TV memories he gave us, and that he was able to live such a long, prosperous, and distinguished life. For my part, I'm taking great comfort in perusing all the wonderful messages shared by fans in the Guestbook here (feel free to add your own--messages aren't updated instantly, but will be visible within a few hours usually), as well as in re-reading the Show History sections, and of course, watching the videos and listening to the old show recordings.

For those who remember, things will never feel the same in metro Detroit. As fans, all our collective hearts go out to Lawson's family, as well as our thanks. Detroit will never forget Sir Graves Ghastly and Lawson Deming. Many Happy Hauntings to you, Sir Graves...

More later.

Added a new photo here and here today, as the start of some coming updates... in time for Fall, and of course, Halloween. Always like having new stuff posted for Halloween if at all possible!

Anyway, no updates in a while here, I know, but then again, there simply hasn't been much new to add of late, unfortunately. No new videos have surfaced since the last ones I added over a year ago (please come forward NOW if you have anything at all out there, group!), and no new audio recordings either--though I will finally be adding the rest of the WTOP Washington recordings to the audio archive very soon (they'll all definitely be up before Halloween upcoming, so watch for that).

Btw, the supposed "complete" Sir Graves shows being offered on eBay from time to time (and that some of you write me about), don't count, since they're all bogus. They're not real shows, folks, don't buy them. The sellers claim they're actual shows recorded off TV, when they're really just simulations someone put together, always using the common "highlight" footage that can be found on this website in its entirety. It's always this same pool of footage, just intercut with different movies. Don't pay money for that (if you're epecting real show recordings anyway, as the misleading ads promise).

Now with that said, here's hoping that someone contacts me and comes forward soon, with some new, real Gravesy video footage to share here, just in time for Halloween! It's been a while since we've seen anything new and I think it's about time we got a new "fix", don't you? :) So if you or anyone you know, might possibly have some Sir Graves show footage buried somewhere on an old junk tape (video or audio), please e-mail me!

PS: I'm also looking for any and ALL video/audio recordings of the old Detroit area horror movie TV shows and hosts: TV20 Thriller Movie, TV50's Chiller Movie & Creature Feature, WXYZ's Scream Theatre & 4:00/4:30 Movie, WGPR horror movie recordings, and other local horror hosts like, The Ghoul, Count Scary, and Morgus. Please contact me ASAP if you have anything like this on tape (audio or video), no matter how little or how bad the quality! I'm looking for it all. Please help if you can.

Just added a new section that's been "coming soon" for a while now. OK, so it wasn't real soon, but it's there now: my "Interviews & Articles" collection is now online! More will be added to it in the future. Hope you all dig it! Enjoy your Saturday and Happy Haunting!

Happy October, dear hearts! This is the perfect time to finally get some new updates posted, so I grabbed me shovel and dug some fresh Graves for you all! And gang, have I got some frightfully tasty early Halloween treats for you today! I think you'll go positively batty over them! First up, we have a couple new photos for you to have a gander at. One comes to us via the ever-awesome and tireless efforts of Peter Kenter (I prefer to call him "Peter the Great" myself), who got in touch with the Detroit Auto Show and managed to wrangle us up a really cool photo of Sir Graves at the annual event in 1979, at Cobo Hall! Detroit favorite, Oopsy! The Clown, appears with him in the photo as well! In the same gallery you'll also find a small pic I added of Lawson Deming in 1957(!) with Spec Howard, which is pretty cool.

And last, but certainly not least, I have added WTOP-TV Washington recordings to the Audio page archive!!! Yep, they're finally here, folks! These incredible recordings come to us from the personal reel-to-reel collection of Richard Barrack, who is now my new current hero, not only for managing to both record and save these shows from so long ago (thank you, thank you, thank you!), but also for taking the time to rip them from those old dusty tapes, and then share them with me for this archive! I will be forever thankful, Richard, and I'm sure I speak for all the other Sir Graves fans who visit this site, too, when I say that! Oh, ahem... and I really apologize for taking so dang long to get these babies added to the website finally! Took me long enough, huh? :) But hey, better late than never, I guess. And heck, posting them now, in October, so close to Halloween, actually turns out to be perfect timing when all is said and done! Neeeyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Well kiddies, that's it for the moment, but I do have a few more little things to add as the month continues, so watch for that. Also, speaking of Halloween, I've been having a ghoulishly good time with a little vintage Halloween Blog I started a while back called, OLD HAUNTS, where it's Halloween every single day! Check it out for a few more early tricks & treats. Until next time... Happy Haunting!!!!

Added a great new photo to the Media Crypt, from Ron, in Warren, Michigan! This is a real treasure, Ron, thanks a million for sharing it, and for clearing up that Macomb Mall appearance I was unsure about! Though, you also open up a whole other can of worms for me now. It has always been recounted (by Deming himself, and others) that the "Digger Deeper" sidekick character (played by Walter Selbman) didn't begin appearing on the show till later in its run (around the late '70s), but here you have this 1973 photograph and it clearly shows that Digger was at this appearance with Sir Graves! Now I'm not sure what to think. Walter Selbman? Are you out there anywhere? I'd love to talk to you. :)

Added a new photo to the Media Crypt, that was kindly sent in by Cindy Vanburen. Great shot, Cindy, and of course, many Ghastly thanks to you for sharing it! I also updated an entry on the
Personal Appearance Log page, re: a '77 or '78 movie theater event Sir Graves attended in Detroit with The Hulk. Thanks to Jim Kessler, we now know what theater this took place in! Thanks for the update, Jim!

Added 3 incredible new photos to the Media Crypt! Chuck Fraley, a fan who grew up in Maryland and watched Sir Graves there on WTOP-TV Channel 9, out of Washington DC in the early '70s, snapped the pictures during a visit to the WTOP studios to watch a Sir Graves show taping in September, 1970 when he was 12! What a treat to finally get to see what the Washington set looked like! Wondered if I ever would (just need some Cleveland pics now). Anyway, the shots are fantastic, Chuck, and I sincerely thank you for digging them up and sending them to the site! You really came through, buddy. :) I've also added Chuck's great website, Marlow Heights 60s and 70s, to the Links page here, for any visitors reading this who grew up in or around the Maryland area and watched Sir Graves there on Channel 9. Chuck's site should hold tons of great childhood memories for you!

Time to dig some new Graves! After much delay I've finally put up the Show History page(s). It's in three parts, and even at that I had to stop myself from writing more and trim out some to keep it readable and more easily digestible. Once you get me started talking about Sir Graves, I just don't know when to stop! Anyway, I've tried to sum up the main facts and chronology of the Sir Graves/Lawson Deming story as best I can, though I'm sure later I'll think of things I forgot to mention that I'll want to add. At any rate, I hope it proves interesting to you and I'm glad to finally have it online for everyone's reference. I'm just sorry it took me so long. It's been mostly done for quite a while now, I just never got around to finalizing it and all.

Oh, I also wanted to point out (though a bit belatedly) something really cool. A couple of months ago I added a link to the Links page for a new website that kicked off last Fall, called, Frightmares: The Series. Frightmares is a weekly online horror host video web show, complete with puppet hosts (cool idea!) hosting horror films and doing zany skits each and every week--just like in the good old days! Anyway, back in November they did a Sir Graves Ghastly Tribute Show episode (the creators were big fans growing up), where they showed some Graves highlights (the ones from the first video page here), a movie, and talked a bit about Sir Graves as well. So I just wanted to thank them here for mentioning this humble website at the end of that episode, and suggest to all the kiddies out there to check out what they're doing over there--especially if you need a weekly horror host show fix (and who doesn't these days?)! The Graves episode is currently offline now, but they have it available on DVD, and you can also watch other recent shows in streaming form for free! Many Ghastly thanks, guys!

Added two new pages to the Media Crypt: The Musical World of Sir Graves Ghastly!, which is a rundown of all the music/songs used on the show, and the Personal Appearance Log, which is my little down-and-dirty list of all the various places fans saw or met Sir Graves over the years. Also in the process of throwing some cool cobwebs around the place to make it a little more homely, uh, I mean homey (note the background). And I'm not done. More will be added later. See you then!

Good afternoon, dear hearts, and a very belated but very happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and New Year, all rolled into one, to everyone out there! LOL. You know how it goes; got slowed down on doing new site additions for a while, but I'm back in business now (er, for the moment anyway). So here comes some frightfully new surprises! The first thing I just added is, finally, some NEW VIDEO!!! Yaaaaayyy! Past site contributor, Peter Kenter, generously sent along a video recording of a partial show he captured in 1981, and it's now been added to the archive over in the Media Crypt Videos wing! Hope you all dig it the most, like I do. Thanks again for the contribution, Peter, and sorry it took me so long to finally get it digitized and online. :) Other fun new additions (see last entry below) and updates will be along soon as well. Gonna go and continue working on new stuff right now....

Greetings fellow Grave Diggers! Some things are new, here's what they are: First, I've given the menu at the left a wee upgrade. The buttons are now a little more lively (just felt like doing it), and you may notice I've added a new button for a new page--FAQ! Yes, I'm writing up a Sir Graves FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) right now, and while there's a little bit of it there already, just to get us started, I plan to constantly add to it in the coming weeks, to encompass much more, to answer all your Grave questions! I also broke ground in preparation for two new sections that are almost ready to be added to the Media Crypt; Interviews & Articles (I plan to add lots here), and Web Mentions & References, where I'll put links to any particularly interesting or significant Sir Graves mentions on other sites around the cobwebby Web (just for the sake of chronicling everything Graves, right here, under one roof!). These pages should go live within the next several days. I also added another photo to the Promo & Memorabilia archive, one to the Miscellaneous page, and a few new show listings for the TV Guide page (soon I'm going to implement a way to highlight new listings, or show a log there, so you'll know what new data has been added, and when!). As well, on the TV Guide page, I'm also in the process of linking any audio/video recordings in the Media Crypt, to their actual date entries in the TV listings. I think this will be cool.

I'm also working to unify the entire site a little more, in terms of look and overall design, and to that end, have added some slightly new title graphics to most pages, and went through and tried to start tightening up every page so it all meshes and more smoothly transitions from one page to the next. I'm a little picky like that, and so am finally getting around to fixing all those little things here. :) And I'm finally actually getting around to cobbleing together the "show history" page! No, really. Heh. I promise I'll have something up soon on that page, no matter what -- if I want to obssess over it later, the way I tend to, I can always add to it and tweak it and stuff as I go along and as time permits. Also made a few text corrections here aand there and fixed a few mistakes. Next update I'll catch you up on the latest Sir Graves news from the past several months. Till next time, keep digging Graves!

Jeepers! Took me long enough for another update, didn't it, kiddies? Sir Graves has been running me bones off down in the dungeon lately! He finally let me come up for air tonight, so I'll get right to it... Here's a rundown of the new things I just added (with more on the way): New photos in the Picture wing of the Media Crypt--on Page 3 of the Promo & Memorabilia section, and also two new pix on the Miscellaneous photos page. On that note, I'm also in the process of adding some new graphical flourishes here and there (I won't point each one out), throughout the site to spruce things up a bit, so watch for that.

Also, thanks to Canadian fan, Peter Kenter, we finally have some new TV audio clips to enjoy on the Audio page! Thanks again, Peter!! You've done Sir Graves proud. :) And vintage TV fans out there please note; Mr. Kenter (aside from being a fellow Grave Digger) also happens to be the author of an incredibly well-reviewed reference book on the history of Canadian Television, called, TV North: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Canadian Television. Indispensable reading for TV fans--especially if you watched a lot of Canadian television, too, growing up, as many of us Metro Detroiters just across the River, did!

More to follow soon, as I have lots of new things to add! As always, I'm still looking for more audio, and especially, more video footage! Several people have promised me things for the site on both counts in the past year or two, yet haven't delivered, so that's unfortunate. But hey, maybe they'll find the time to make it happen eventually at some point. I certainly hope so! :) I can't stress enough that we need this material archived here for history's sake!!! The Glob agrees.

Till next time, Dear Hearts! Happy Haunting!

Spiffied-up the main page just a tiny bit. Looked slightly bare before and needed a little something extra, I think. Also added a brand-new section to the Media Crypt! A page to house my Spooky Sir Graves Java applets. Good time-killers or whatever. I just think they're cool so I thought I'd share 'em. Oh, and btw; desktop wallpapers and screensavers are coming very soon... I promise!

Anyway, I hope you're all watching plenty of good (and not-so-good) monster movies (I know I am!) and enjoying this, the most frightastic time of year! Halloween is almost upon us... savor the season, and above all, keep dear old Sir Graves in your hearts on the big day! More soon.

Greetings and happy Autumn, fellow Ghastly Ones! Today marks the beginning of some long-overdue updates and additions to the old boneyard--and just in time for Halloween! Neeeyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You didn't think I'd leave you high and dry for the witching season, did you? No way. I begin rolling out some new additions today with a TON, and I mean a coffin-full, of new show listings for the TV Guide page! Delightful. I've been wanting to get these added for a while now (sorry for the delay). Dig in! A gazillion Ghastly thanks go out to my pal-in-fright, Peter Kenter, for submitting some much-needed TV listings! Your hard work is really appreciated and I thank you for pitching in and taking the time. A round of applause and screams for Peter, everyone! He's the Vampire's Pet this week! :)

Anyway, more on the way later, kiddies! And please pass the word about this site for Halloween! Heh...

Added two new pictures to the Media Crypt (Miscellaneous).

Did a few more updates tonight. First, I added two more audio recordings to the Media Crypt. That makes three new recordings in just two days! Not bad, huh? I also tweaked (ever so slightly) the 'About This Site' page. You probably wouldn't even notice the tiny changes/corrections, but I thought I'd mention it for the sake of completeness. Next I'm working on finishing the addition of many, many new show listings to the TV Guide page, that will actually pretty much fill in the bulk of airings for most of the years the show ran! This will be huge. There won't be many gaps after this data is all added. I'm hoping to have it done sometime next week but we'll see how it goes. Heh. Oh, also, I forgot to mention in yesterday's update the subject of t-shirts (and other Graves merchandise) and show DVDs (other things I get asked about regularly). The simple answer is Yes on all counts. I'm readying and planning to offer soon, some tees and other Ghastly retro shwag! And yes, I'm working on the DVD thing as well. Stay tuned, dear hearts...

Hello, group! Finally some new things stirring here in the old boneyard! It's taken much longer than I'd have liked (or planned) to get some new updates and content posted, but I'm finally getting some time to do a little bit now, with more to follow in the next week. I've had several things I've been wanting to put up for a while, just couldn't find the time. Anyway, I dug some fresh graves tonight for Master Gravesy! First, there's a new audio recording up (runs almost 10 minutes!), that dates back to February 27, 1971! As a bonus, yet another TV audio recording (this time reel-to-reel) will follow this weekend. Happy Haunting, indeed! Also made some minor information tweaks for a couple of pictures in the Promo & Memorabilia section, thanks to e-mails from a couple of helpful fans. Posted some new photos as well; two on this page, and the last two on this page. Found a few minor errors and goofs here and there that I also polished up a bit. Soon I'll be adding lots more fun stuff to the Downloads page, like more 'downloadable' sounds, pictures (especially desktop wallpapers), screensavers, Winamp skins(!), and even a page full of online Sir Graves-themed 'Java toys'--and the Java stuff is definitely highly experimental and highly strange, admittedly, but I just can't resist. Heh. You'll see what I mean soon enough. And I'm still hoping against hope that someone will come forward pretty soon with some new Graves video... If you have some, please share the love. :)

Now, a few other things I want to address real quick... Many fans have written me over the past several months asking me to update the site with info on Lawson Deming today--"is he still alive? If so, how is he?", "where does he live?", "has he seen this website and has he contacted you?", "does he still sign autographs, and if so, where can I write him?, "do you have his phone number? I'd like to maybe call him", and so on. Well, basically, I do plan to fill you all in on much of this over on the new History page I'll be posting soon, but, until then, I'll cover the main points in a nutshell for you. Yes, Lawson Deming is (happily) still alive and living comfortably in a retirement home in Ohio. Back in April he celebrated his 90th birthday! I really should've mentioned that occasion sooner here on the site, but at any rate, I'm sure all the fans join me now in wishing you, Lawson, a very happy (though belated) 90th birthday, with wishes of good health, love, and happiness for many years to come!! Now, as for the website, yes, I'm honored to report that Mr. Deming is aware of it and has seen it! His son, David, was kind enough to write me a really nice letter on his father's (and family's) behalf. He told me Lawson is definitely aware of the site--not only did I send him actual screenshots of it, but David said he prints out the guestbook postings and other things periodically and reads them aloud to his dad, who enjoys very much hearing from the fans! He was even kind enough to sign a beautiful picture to me and David sent that along. I can't thank them enough. I can die happy now.

Which brings me to the question of autographs and such. I plan to hopefully discuss this with David soon, but for now, I just don't know if his dad is feeling up to signing autographs regularly for all the fans nowadays, and I certainly have no address to give for the retirement home he's at. Maybe down the road something like this will be possible (or at least I might be able to forward fan letters), but first that needs to be discussed with David (and Lawson, of course). When I know something, you can bet it'll be posted right here. For now, I invite you to share your memories in the guestbook here, or over at my Vintage Detroit Message Board (look in the 'TV horror' forum for Sir Graves topics). Sir Graves will hear them all eventually.

Finally, allow me to thank everyone who's taken the time to share some great Grave memories over in the Ghastly Guestbook. I enjoy reading each and every one, and I appreciate you all signing in! I've noticed some of you have asked questions there (or e-mailed me), that have gone unanswered. I apologize for that, and hope I may have actually answered a few of the more common ones here tonight. If not, I will endeavor to answer all the e-mail and guestbook questions I haven't  yet, in the near future. Thanks for your patience! I haven't been trying to ignore anyone, just been busy with (c)Life in general, and tracking down new Sir Graves stuff! Heh. Thanks for your e-mails, and especially, for the kind words about this site! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I am, too.

Whew! Big update! Just had a lot I wanted to catch you up on. Anyway, more updates/content soon.

Just added a new page--the "Downloads" page, in the Media Crypt. Kicked it off with a few sound bites you can now download freely (something many fans have been asking me for!). More to come there soon. I also added a new photo to the Memorabilia gallery (last one in the lower-right corner) . It was graciously donated by Peter Kenter, in Ontario, as was some other really great material that I'll unveil very soon. More on that later! Thanks Peter! Also added a new link to the Links page (Johnny Ginger). Work continues this week, sitewide...

I have many updates and new material I've gotten behind in adding. Today I begin to rectify that with some new stuff, and more to come throughout the rest of the week, hopefully. :) Anyway, I finally threw a "favorite links" list together and you can see it by clicking on the "Links" button on the main menu. I'll definitely be adding to it and tweaking it as I go along here, but I at least wanted to get that page online and done. Now, the only other "unfinished" link is the "History" page (history of the show, that is). This one has been started and I hope to finish it up in the next week or so. Then all the links will be online and the site will finally, technically, be complete and in place! Cool. I also tweaked the welcome page text again as the site continues to evolve and take shape. OK, but the biggest additions tonight (or this morning now) are some great new photos I just added to the Media Crypt! These are just amazing. And, once again, we have my buddy, Lee Harris, out on the West Coast, to thank for his continued kindness and generosity, in freely sharing the priceless materials he collected and saved as a youngster all those years ago (thank god!)! Lee, I sincerely thank you for helping the site out again and sharing what you have with us all so willingly and eagerly. Click here to go right to the page with the new photos. I still have more pictures I'll be posting soon. I am also currently adding a TON of new show listings to the TV Guide page. I hope to put it online in the next week or so. More on that, when I do! In addition, more old audio recordings will be added to the Media Crypt very soon, as well as one of the most oft-requested features--downloadable sound bites!

Oh, and a special thank-you also goes out this update, to Phillip Gajewski, who very generously donated the domain name, SirGraves.com, to me for the site's use and convenience. This was a really kind gesture, Phillip, and I thank you very much for it! When my Graves t-shirts are ready to go, you (and everyone else who contributes something special for the site) will be one of the first to receive one as my way of saying thanks for the help! :) So now if someone just types "sirgraves.com", they'll land right here, where all the frightful action is! Neat.

Just added another clip to the Audio page in the "Media Crypt" area.

Added the first of the Audio pages to the "Media Crypt" this morning. I have lots of stuff to put there as I get the time, but for now, I kicked it off with a real treat! An audio recording of an actual show (sans movies, of course) from 1971! For me, this is an absolute treasure! It's a rare trip back in time to actually hear what the show was like in the early years. Something I've been wondering about for a long time now. I just can't thank fan, Lee Harris, enough for helping the site out by sending me copies of his awesome recordings (yes, I'm readying a few more after this one!). You're my hero, Lee. :) More site additions on the way very soon.

Added the "Fresh Graves" menu button to all pages (and tweaked the whole menu a little while I was at it). Did a bit of tightening and overall layout clean-up here and there on most pages. Added a new promo photo in the Memorabilia section.

Tweaked / edited the Welcome page text and layout a pinch. Also added a "Last Updated..." statement to it and the "Fresh Graves" (what's new) link to the menu (I'll update all the other pages with it later). Now when you come here you can see quickly whether or not the site's been updated in any way, and if so, click on the Fresh Graves page to see exactly what's changed or new, and where it's at. Hope it proves useful! Oh, and, this is the new page--Fresh Graves! :) Anything new (and sometimes maybe even news, if I have something to share), will be found right here. I'm planning to add some new photos and audio files soon, hopefully this week or next, as well as finally doing the "History" and "Links" pages. And lots of new TV Guide listings are on the way as well in the next few weeks, so there should be some fun new content very soon!

Also note that I temporarily removed the embedded mouse-over sounds from the main Welcome page (left the background wind sound), due to a problem some Mac users are experiencing. In an effort to get to the bottom of this, I removed those clips just temporarily (I think they're the culprits). If this fixes the problem, I'll go from there and embed them again using a different method to see if that works. If it does, problem solved. Either way, when they load right for everyone, I'll add them again permanently and leave them.


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