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Last updated: October 23, 2007

ood afternoon Dear Hearts, and welcome once again to that ghastly production,!

his site is the first and only website devoted entirely to beloved Detroit TV Horror Host, Sir Graves Ghastly! Feel free to dig around the graveyard to the left to see what delightful surprises are buried here. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please check back often as the graveyard will be undergoing constant tweaking and enhancement! And please e-mail me if you have any old Sir Graves recordings (audio or video) or memorabilia that you'd like to share with this site. I need the help of all Sir Graves fans everywhere to make this archive grow! Let's make Sir Graves proud!

o, my dears, turn out your lights... Draw the drapes... Pull down the shades... Cuddle up in your favorite spot by the telly, and glue your little eyes to the monitor for today's tale of terror!

Happy Haunting!
Keith Milford


Website lovingly dedicated to the memory of Lawson J. Deming, 1913-2007.
For your talent, and all the fun memories, thank you!


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